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Our Approach

Since our founding over a decade ago, we believe deeply that the professionals working in our public school system are the ones most capable of improving outcomes for each student in California. This is a critical time for all of California’s education communities with districts constantly adapting to new curricula and assessments, while simultaneously communicating with stakeholders about student progress and resource allocation aligned to LCAP and LCFF parameters. CAED seeks to support all of California's districts to address these factors, including the smaller, more remote districts that face even more challenging circumstances than the rest.

California Education Partners seeks to support school districts to improve student outcomes through collaborative continuous improvement.  This data-driven approach examines student-level data to identify a problem, select a strategy to address the problem, set a target for improvement, and iterate to make the approach more effective and improve student achievement. This approach is based on the idea that while no two schools or classrooms are the same, there’s a lot they can learn together about how to solve challenges.  

At the conclusion of three years of collaborative, continuous improvement work with California Education Partners, districts and their schools will have the skills and knowledge to further develop, execute, and spread a sustainable improvement approach that is contextually driven and that quantifiably improves student outcomes.

Through our work to date, we’ve seen that working together in such a way creates momentum that will allow participants to learn and innovate together in order to support the students, teachers, and communities they serve. Ed Partners provides the facilitative support for educators to engage in and, ultimately, to replicate these processes over time in their own systems.