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June 22nd


2:00pm - 3:00pm


Facilitated zoom discussion

Please contact Chris with any questions.

Deciding on How to Reopen Schools:  Guidance, Priorities, and our Communities

The purpose of this session is to help district and site leaders interpret recently released guidance from CDE about reopening schools, and from the Council of Great City Schools on addressing Unfinished Learning, in order to build back-to-school plans that are adaptive and aligned to prioritized learning goals. Planning for the fall involves a formidable set of trade-offs, and we are ready to think alongside you about a basis for decision-making that prioritizes the most important learning outcomes in your district. We will also touch on engaging communities and families, as partners in schooling, with an equity-focused and asset-based approach.

SLO Learning Objectives Participants will engage in a basis for decision-making for reopening schools based on...

  1. Interpreting released guidance 

  2. Aligned to prioritized learning goals

  3. Equity and the assets in our communities

Audience: District & site leaders within all California Education Partners collaborations.