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Introduction to Mathematical Mindsets with Jo Boaler

Participants are invited to join a discussion with youcubed co-founders Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams.  Dr. Boaler and Ms. Williams will discuss the research on the brain, mindset, and the learning of mathematics that forms the foundation of their work to improve teaching and student outcomes.  In this conversation, Boaler and Williams will highlight the differences and benefits of two different self-paced online courses participants will have the opportunity to enroll in. 

After engaging in this SLO discussion, participants may choose to enroll in one of two youcubed self-paced online courses - Mathematical Mindsets or How to Learn Math for Teachers - sponsored by Ed Partners. Course participants will have the opportunity to join Dr. Boaler in a session in August to discuss their reflections and plans for implementing their learning.  Information about how to sign up for the courses will be shared following this SLO.

SLO Learning Objectives:

  1. Introduce the research and thinking behind youcubed & Jo Boaler’s books

  2. Understand the content of the two courses to inform a choice of enrollment

Audience: Teachers and district leaders interested in supporting math instruction.