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This new world of distance learning presents both challenges and opportunities for classroom teachers of all grade levels.  Explore the templates, tools and best practices being used by your colleagues across the state and the country.

Great Digital Lessons Begin as Great Lessons!

The most critical element in creating great lessons for distance learning is to be grounded in proven lesson design format.  Some of the most well-know frameworks can be well adapted to the digital world.  While there are important nuances in creating effective online lessons, let’s not leave behind these strong fundamentals.  

Balanced Literacy with Nancy Akhavan

Share and Discover

During this extended distance learning time for students, teachers are working hard to provide learning opportunities to meet the individual and collective needs of their students. In order to better support teachers in this endeavor, we invite you to share lessons with each other by adding them to the grade level and content specific folders below.

NOTE: These lessons are not vetted by Ed Partners and we encourage teachers and coaches to use your professional judgement to determine the content that is most appropriate for your students.

Connect with the Community

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