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Virtual Learning: from "have to" to "plan to" Pt. 1

Virtual learning in a pandemic crisis - the beginning (District and School Leadership)

In part one of Virtual Learning: from “have to” to “plan to” administrators will be introduced to Dr. Kimberly Coy, an expert in online learning and Universal Design for Learning. Dr. Coy has worked in a completely online public school for over seven years before earning her Ph.D. in digital learning with an emphasis in inclusive learning environments and Universal Design for Learning. Dr. Coy will take participants through an understanding of synchronous learning environments, as well as get you ready to operate digitally in your school. In addition to organizational ideas this session will cover specific practices you can use as administrators right now to support students, staff, teachers, and parents.

Goals: Introductions, survey of the environment, goal setting, be a “good” virtual administrator

  1. Introductions 

  2. This is not normal, so wherever you are, it’s ok. 

  3. Organizational thoughts, the LMS

  4. Specific actions and tools you can use right now

  5. What to prepare for next time: Questions?

  6. Survey upon leaving

  7. 30 minute after session Hangout

Audience: District and school leadership of all California Education Partner's collaborations.