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Virtual Learning: from "have to" to "plan to" Pt. 2

Virtual learning in a pandemic crisis – the now (District and School Leadership)

In part two of Virtual Learning: from “have to” to “plan to” Dr. Coy continues by examining a brief and targeted look at virtual learning from the recent past. What has been shown to work, and what has not. Can you transfer some of those lessons to what is happening right now in our schooling environments? Next, the framework of Universal Design for Learning in digital spaces will be unpacked. As leaders, you can make this framework visible for each role in education to give teachers, parents, staff, support staff, and students a guide to understand how to operate. Set iterative targets.

Goals for Part 2: Targeted Survey of Virtual Learning: what is known now, Universal Design for Learning in digital spaces, the framework for building learning in digital educational systems

  • Review of effective virtual learning

  • Universal Design for Learning, a quick and dirty introduction/review

  • UDL in digital educational environments

  • Set iterative targets

  • What to prepare for next time: Questions?

  • Survey upon leaving

  • 30 minute after session Hangout

Audience: District and school leadership from all California Education Partner's collaborations.