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Virtual Learning: from "have to" to "plan to" Pt. 3

Virtual learning in a pandemic crisis – the future (District and School Leadership)

In part three of Virtual Learning: from “have to” to “plan to” Dr. Coy presents ideas for moving forward into the next school year during the pandemic, and after. How can you look at the lessons learned from this crisis to change the way education and schooling happens? Planning questions and frameworks can be developed. Professional development and learning communities will be more important now and operate in new ways. Communication is reexamined, and success measured. Will the future be more like Star Trek, or The Twilight Zone. It is within our purview to push in on unintended consequences of systemic change.

Goals: Moving forward into the next school year, and beyond Pandemic schooling

  • The story of an effective online school

  • Lessons learned so far: successes and failures (fail forward)

  • Planning questions and frameworks

  • Professional Learning Communities 

  • Survey upon leaving

  • 30 minute after session Hangout

Audience: District and school leadership within all California Education Partners collaborations.