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August 24th

September 14th

October 12th

November 16th


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Facilitated zoom discussion with breakout rooms

Please contact Ashley with any questions.

Fostering Student-Student Interactions in a Virtual Setting (K-6 grades)

It is important that students are able to use academic language in conversations and interactions even when they are not in traditional classrooms. This webinar series will explore ways to adapt practices to foster student-student and teacher-student interactions in a virtual setting that increases the use of academic language.

Participants will learn from Jeff Zwiers, engage with their peers in other districts, and experiment with conversation skills and strategies adapted for a virtual space. Webinar attendees will be asked to try strategies and bring back recorded interactions to strengthen the group’s understanding of strategies.  At the end of the series, participants will walk away with a set of strategies that have been tried and tested from the group to take back to their district. Ed Partners hopes to create a document that shares the new learnings and also a suite of tried practices and considerations when implementing strategies to increase interactions in a virtual space.

The series is designed to build upon the learnings of the previous month’s webinar. If you sign up, please make sure you can attend all four parts of this series.

To learn more about each part in the series, click the links below:

Part 1: Adapting Conversation Skills

Part 2: Adapting Conversation Skills Continued

Part 3: Fostering Interactions In Math

Part 4: Consolidate and Share Out Best Practices

SLO Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will learn how to adapt conversation skills and interaction strategies to better support students in a virtual setting. 
  2. Participants will problem solve and collaborate with colleagues around shared and relatable challenges in academic conversations and interactions ,
  3. Participants will deepen relationships with peers across sites so leaders can turn to one another as needed, for support and problem solving;
  4. Ed Partners will create a resource that synthesizes new learnings, share out tested Change Ideas and provide suggestions as to how to continue increasing the use of academic language in a virtual space or in a traditional classroom

Audience: All Ed Partners Districts are invited to participate however districts in the CALLI Academic Language collaboration will be prioritized. When signing up, AL district participants, please sign up for each of the offerings on the first tab. Districts not in the AL collaboration, please sign up on the wait list tab. Ed Partners will send a calendar invite with log in information to all participants  at least a week prior to each webinar.