August 25, 2021

On Track

Districts across California have been increasingly dedicated to improving  their high school graduation rates. However, not all students graduating are prepared for or are able to apply to a college because they have not met the A-G requirements of the CSU/UC systems. This is particularly true of Black, Latinx, Socio-Economically disadvantaged, or Emerging Bilingual students, who have historically been underserved in the PreK-12 system. 

Improvement Teams in both On Track collaborations know their work is to collectively support students to “get on and stay on track” for A-G graduation through strong transitions in their secondary education journey. Specifically, Improvement Teams are testing and refining early interventions, equitable grading practices, and strong course placement and transitions students. 

District Improvement Teams are working to change systems, structures, and mindsets developed to increase the high school A-G graduation rate. In order to do this, Improvement Teams monitor students earning a D or F grade in English or Mathematics to ensure they are building their skills in knowledge to not only earn a better grade, but to prepare them for A-G courses and college in general.

To learn more about our 8th & 9th Grade On Track collaboration, click here.