August 8, 2021

Pre-K to 3 Coherence Collaboration (P3CC)

What happens when great preschool isn’t aligned with K-12 in your district?  

Unfortunately, student gains fade away. With this in mind, the Preschool through third grade Coherence Collaboration (P3CC) collaboration will bring together cross-functional teams from participating districts to address the challenge of making the transition from pre-school to kindergarten (and beyond) as seamless as possible.  Throughout the 3-year program, district teams will work alongside and be supported by expert thought partners in the field, teams from other districts and California Education Partners staff.

Teams will be given the support that they need to plan, execute and assess the effectiveness of real solutions to real problems that they face.  Besides the time, effort and energy invested in the work, participation in this collaboration comes at no cost to participating districts.

If you would like more information about involvement in the P3CC Collaboration, please contact us.