October 1, 2022

Ed Partners Perspectives

Fall Convenings Focus on Hardwiring Change for Students

During the second half of September more than 25 districts came together in Burbank to kick off their On Track work for the 22-23 school year. While the experience of districts ranged from teams in their fifth year to teams just starting this work, all of the educators brought a belief in students and a shared commitment to changing district systems to create more opportunities for graduates.

District Spotlight: Planada Elementary

The team from Planada Elementary in Merced County has been part of the 8th Grade On Track Collaboration since it began in 2018. They point to equitable grading practices as the big shift that pushed this work forward in their district. Specifically, the ELA Department at Cesar E. Chavez Middle School focused on providing immediate feedback for constructed responses, grading only summative assessments and implementing rubric-based grading. The rubrics are aligned to the Common Core Standards, which allows for ongoing vertical and horizontal articulation in the form of data chats from various assessments.

The most recent student achievement data from Planada Elementary School District underscores this progress. ELA CAASPP scores of students that met or exceeded standards have improved by 14.5% from 20-21 to 21-22 school year. Based on the team’s longitudinal data collection, scores have improved 6.36% from the 18-19 pre-pandemic school year. Beyond the CAASPP results, the huge shift the ELA Department has made has led to increased content mastery, which will enable students to access a higher level of education in the future. Well done Planada!

Bring 8th & 9th Grade On Track to Your District

Beginning in May 2023 we will start a new network focused on improving on track outcomes for 8th and 9th grade students.  To learn more about how your district can join us please use this link or email our Director of Program Sustainability & Growth Steven Kellner, skellner@caedpartners.org.