December 1, 2022

Ed Partners Perspectives

On Track for Improvement: A Small District’s Big Commitment

Ed Partners had the honor of co-presenting with On Track Collaboration member Hilmar Unified at the CSBA Annual conference last week. The focus of the session was Hilmar’s journey using continuous improvement tools, processes, and structures to “rewire“ the system with the goal of achieving improved results for their students. The Hilmar team described their efforts to improve achievement for 8th & 9th grade students through a series of interventions and more equitable grading practices. This work kept students “on track“ for A-G graduation with a particular focus on socioeconomically disadvantaged students and Latinx students.

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Starting Strong: Building Capacity & Coherence Pre-K to 3rd Grade

On Thursday, December 1st at CSBA we had the opportunity to co-present with Monterey Peninsula USD. Their session focused on the effort to build an academic and structural bridge between their preschool and kindergarten-3rd grade programs using the Preschool Through Third Grade Coherence Collaboration (P3CC). Specifically, MPUSD employed cross-functional district teams to build capacity and leverage resources focused on creating instructional coherence across Pre-K through 3rd-grade transitions with the greatest benefits to English Learners and socio-economically disadvantaged students.

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Join Our Team!

We are welcoming new collaborations next year and that means we will be adding to our team. Have you ever wanted to make an impact on mid-size school districts across the state to improve outcomes for kids who need the most help? You can learn more about the Program Manager position and apply using this link.