January 1, 2024

Ed Partners Perspectives

Closing Gaps and Opening Doors

While 2024 has just begun, we are already thinking about next year! Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in our 8th & 9th Grade On Track collaboration which starts in August 2024. Supporting college access and opening doors for students can redefine teaching and learning in your district. Click the link below to watch one teacher’s story. Email Steve Kellner (skellner@caedpartners.org) for more information.

Watch a Teacher’s Story

Enthusiasm for a New Semester in Azusa

It is a new year and many of our partner districts are returning from Winter break with a new found energy. Despite the numerous distractions, they have rekindled their enthusiasm for their work. Through consistent On-Track team meetings where they monitor D/F rates and other key data points and plan and test change ideas to improve student outcomes, they have found hope in their path forward.

The Azusa High School team recently did just this. After analyzing their recent graduation and A-G rates, they investigated their D/F rates to identify what might have led to the recent drop in graduation rates. Instead of getting stuck or seeing this as yet another set back facing their district, they dug into research and identified practical change ideas to test on a small scale that, if successful, could be spread throughout the rest of their district. One teacher ended the meeting saying, “I am so excited to get started! I wish my school had tried this when I was a student, I might have had a totally different relationship with math if they did!” Without saying it, she was encouraging us all to be the kind of adult each of us needed when we were kids. Someone to help us see challenges as a part of learning, and to help us get back up and try something different.