February 1, 2024

Ed Partners Perspectives

In-the-moment Interactions that Support Students’ Mathematical Learning

As part of the P3CC Pioneer collaboration, the San Rafael City Schools Math Pioneer team is piloting Learning Labs as an approach to making practice public by supporting teachers, administrators and system learning. Learning Labs deepen educator understanding of classroom practice by centering on students and their mathematical thinking. Teachers first engage in collective learning, specifically around the knowledge of student thinking and pedagogy. Then teachers take it to the classroom and sit alongside students and collaborate during the instruction, making decisions that are responsive to student thinking. The Learning Lab process ends by debriefing the lesson and discussing adaptations teachers may implement as they consider their own classroom.

These Learning Lab experiences continue to build teacher knowledge in counting development and early number ideas. They have also led to great discussions around specific strategies that can support multilingual learners. The Learning Lab process is a critical way San Rafael City Schools is collectively building teacher and administrator capacity to spread effective practices, and discuss student work and student thinking.

Promising Practices for Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten

Authors: Benjamin W. Cottingham, H. Alix Gallagher, Leah Faw

While TK is a historic, once in a generation, opportunity, it has been challenging for many across the state to implement effectively. Our research partners at PACE recently published an article which highlights the work of the Ed Partners P3CC networks over the past two years. Special shot out to the teams from San Rafael City Schools, Dinuba Unified, Santa Paula Unified, Arvin Unified and Monterey peninsula Unified who are featured in the research.

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