January 3, 2022

Ed Partners Perspectives

Lessons from the CALLI Collaboration

Improving student performance, especially that of those learners who experience poverty, disabilities, language barriers, or some combination of these factors, is an ongoing challenge for many, if not all, school districts. It can be particularly so for smaller or more geographically isolated districts that, compared to their larger urban counterparts, are likely to have fewer resources at hand, including content specialization.

On January 25th from 10-11am we will highlight perspectives of participating districts’ team members regarding what they and their districts gained and learned from the CALLI experience.

Event Objectives:

  1. Understand the Research Design & Methodology
  2. Learn from CA Ed Partners staff
  3. Interact with participants as they share experiences

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District Spotlight: Oxnard School District

Oxnard School District is in its second year of the PreK to Third Grade Coherence Collaboration (P3CC) Pilot Math. Oxnard’s Improvement Team consists of the Director of ECE Programs, the district’s Math Manager, two elementary principals, two elementary school teachers, and two preschool teachers. Their strategic planning for their second year began in the winter of 2021 when they identified that they wanted to spread and deepen their P3CC work and connect these efforts to their Oxnard Student Profile and Mathematics Pedagogy Statement. To develop a shared understanding of this work across the district, they dedicated one of their Back-to-School Professional Development days to mathematics. During this day, PreK-3rd grade teachers engaged in cross-grade-level learning about Counting Collections, strategies for solving word problems, the vertical coherence of the math standards, and analyzing student work. This learning opportunity built on the high number of teachers participating in the SLOs supported the district’s efforts to scale from three schools in the first year to eight schools in the second year. Oxnard is utilizing various district and school site structures to spread and deepen this work, including leveraging existing PLC time for teacher learning aligned to their P3CC Efforts and the creation of school-based teacher-led P3CC Professional Learning and a district-wide Preschool Teacher Collaborative. Oxnard has leaned into their current structures to sustain and scale their P3CC mathematics work.