Phil Halperin

Phil is a Co-Founder and the Executive Director of California Education Partners.  As Executive Director, Phil is responsible for guiding the mission and vision of our work.  By always having his eyes over the horizon one to three years away, Phil makes sure that the organization is providing a valuable service to our districts today so that Ed Partners’ approach will be around tomorrow.  Working collaboratively with the Chief of Staff and the Board of Directors, he brings the program, operation and finance professionals of the Ed Partner’s Team together to ensure we are all pulling on the oars collaboratively and efficiently.        

Phil has been actively involved in Pre-K to 12th grade education in California for over two decades.  In addition to his role at Ed Partners, Phil serves as the President of the Silver Giving Foundation. By focusing on quality early education, systemic improvements and enhancing teacher career pathways, the Silver Giving Foundation is committed to improving California’s education system for all children.  Finally, as an active civic leader, Phil has also co-chaired seven successful ballot campaigns that have raised collectively over $7.0 billion for the public schools and children of San Francisco. 

Phil considers himself fortunate to have been diagnosed as a special education (dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD) student as a fourth grader.  A group of talented and dedicated elementary and secondary teachers took Phil under their wings and committed to helping him succeed.  He believes deeply that every child should have the same opportunities as he did.   

Phil earned his A.B. in Political Science from Stanford University and his MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business. When he is not visiting districts or moonlighting as a live music photographer, Phil, his wife and three grown children can be found at San Francisco Giants games.